Genre project

All 12 genres


Adventure is a genre where their is danger at every turn, and the characters come face to face with physical harm. The books in this genre are exciting and suspenseful and will have you turning every page with anticipation.


Mystery is a genre where the author always leaves you dripping in suspense wondering whats going to happen next. This genre will get reader thinking about the plot and who did it.
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Autobiographies are books that the author is the narrator and the book is about them. The author gives his/her point of view on events that happened in their life time.
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Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a story you can relate to people or events that may or may not be true but are believable. The characters may be real or the problems could be real. Events that happen may be real life or they may not.
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In Fantasy things that you imagine become real in the book in fantasy books there could be ogres, witch's , wizards and many more magical creatures you don't normally see in real life.
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The Humor genre is to make you laugh out loud. The author wants to make you laugh and keep you laughing about the funny moments in the book for a long time.
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Science Fiction

Science Fiction is futuristic like the Hunger Games there is usually a lot of technology or maybe there some type of apocalypses and people are affected in the changes of how the story plot is in the story.
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Romance is basically a love story it's emotional and can sometimes be sad like Romeo and Juliet.
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Biographies are about a person life. They include true lifetime events that happened to the main character the biography was about. Sometimes the biographies are written by the person they are about which is called an autobiography.
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Memoirs sometimes involve a public event of the authors life. It's somethings like personal experiences or knowledge of the author.
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Thriller books are known to be scary suspenseful and leaving worrying about the next move the character makes will it be smart? will it be scary. In thriller you never know.
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Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is about the past even though what the plot is not real some of the event that had happened could have happened to somebody in the past.
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