Global Waste Crisis

What Can We Do?

Facts and Statistics

- Global waste/ trash will triple by 2100.

- Waste will up by 70% by 2025

- Humans throw away 1.25 million tonnes of waste each day

- 1.4 million children die each day from poor sanitation diseases (one child every 20 seconds).

- 2.6 billion people don't have proper sanitation.


Facts about India

- Top country without proper sanitation is India.

- India alone costs $54 billion for poor sanitation

- To build public toilets in India, it will cost them $1.6 billion

Facts about Kenya

- 100 million people in East Africa don't have access to proper sanitation.

- They have sanitation departments, but a lot of their equipment doesn't work properly.

- In Kenya, they use plastic bags as toilets, this is called "flying toilets"

- Their sanitation get worse as the years go on.

An Organization that Helps Find Cures for the Waste in the Third- World Countries

RTI is an international environmental “help” organization. They help clean up trash waste all around the world. RTI’s experts work with government officials and other organizations to help create potential solutions for waste management. They conduct various waste- management projects around the world. Some of their projects around the world are ‘Technical Assistance for Environmental Programs in Morocco’, ‘ Improving Solid Waste Management in Manado’, ‘Support for the Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi’, and various others. They’ve developed various tools to demonstrate the importance of waste- management to convey why it is so important.