A Cell is like a....


A Cell Is Like a Factory

A factory is a big unit that has many specialized departments that have a certain job, and each department has one unifying goal, to make the factory functional. Likewise a cell is a unit that is made up of many specialized compartments that have a certain function. In the cell these specialized compartments are called organelles. Each organelle has a specific function to help the cell do its specialized job. In this poster, I will show the many different aspects of how a cell is similar to a factory.

Shipping and Receiving Department (Plasma Membrane)

Just as the shipping and receiving department controls what enters and leaves a factory, so the plasma membrane regulates what enters and leaves a cell.

CEO- Cheif Executive Officer (Nucleus)

Just as the CEO directs all operations of the factory, so the nucleus and DNA controls all cell activities and what proteins will be made.

Factory Floor (Cytoplasm)

Just as the factory floor holds all of the machinery and parts in the factory, so the cytoplasm is where all the organelles and activity are found in the cell.

Assembly Line (Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum)

Just as the assembly line is the place where the workers do their job in the factory, so the ER is the place where the ribosomes do their job of assembling proteins.