ISSUED: 6/29/2020

District update #3, including all draft plans and a request for feedback.


To return to school for the 2020-21 school year with protocols and guidelines in place to protect students, staff, and families from the potential spread of COVID-19. Every school will offer traditional classroom instruction, as well as digital learning options, to meet the needs of students and families during this unique and challenging time.

As guidelines are subject to change based on the level of community spread, this plan is likewise subject to change. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience.


The MCS Leadership Team, along with central office support staff and school-based teams, have reviewed a wide variety of resources, studied guidelines, and worked diligently to create plans for returning to school - aligned with our specific needs and limitations.


  • We promise to be responsive to the needs of our students and follow COVID-19 guidance in the most reasonable and practical ways possible.
  • We promise to communicate throughout the planning process to ensure all stakeholders have the benefit of knowing where we are in the planning process.
  • We promise to create detailed plans for each school that will allow for customization based on the age of students, the capacity for teachers to meet the needs of each student, and the operational limitations of each facility.
  • We promise to work collaboratively - seeking guidance from a broad range of experts and professionals.
  • We promise to seek feedback from stakeholders during planning and after the plan takes effect as well. We know that our shared mission is best served by including the thoughts and concerns of many.
  • We believe offering both traditional and digital instructional options will give students the best opportunity to be successful while meeting each student's social, emotional, nutritional, and academic needs in the safest environment possible.


As we await your review and feedback - these are considered DRAFT plans. We intend to publish final plans on July 8th. At that time, we will ask you to let us know if your student(s) will be attending school on-campus or as digital learners. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

As parents and guardians look forward to the new school year and consider the instructional options available to each of their children, these documents will require a thorough review.


Your feedback to these draft plans will help inform changes needed in the days ahead. The period set aside for parental input is June 29 - July 5. Please carve out some time to review the plans above that apply to your family, and let us know what you think.

(Survey available in English or Spanish below)


Click to offer input on these plans for district and school-level review.


TIMELINE (revised)

  • JUNE 29: Parent Update #3, with DRAFT PLANS for review
  • JUNE 29-JULY 5: Period for parents to review plans and offer feedback
  • JULY 8: Parent Update #4, with FINAL PLANS
  • JULY 8-JULY 12: Parents respond to survey, selecting DIGITAL or TRADITIONAL for each student in their family
  • JULY 30: School opens
  • AUGUST 10: MCS schools begin digital instruction

**All Back-to-School communication from the district office is available for review on the district website: