Celebrating Success with ICT

How to use the Popplet app and website

Integrating ICT effectively requires content, pedagogy and technological knowledge to intersect

  • Learning objective: Students will build literal and inferred meaning by analysing the language and visual features of the text
  • Shared reading of The Gruffalo (had been read before), allocated students one character in the story to focus on (Mouse, owl, fox, snake Gruffalo).
  • Timed think, pair, share after reading to share their thoughts on one character
  • I established that we were going to think about the relationships between the characters in The Gruffalo and publish these connections in a Popplet
  • Scaffolded instruction - 'I do, we do, you do' to guide students towards achieving learning objectives.

Popplet could be used for many purposes, including character studies, visual literacy and digital retells. Popplet could also be used in other learning areas, including history, science and maths. See the Earth project photo below.


Popplet is available as an app on the iPad or iPhone but you can also make a Popplet on the website http://popplet.com. The website allows 5 free Popplets a month and requires an email sign up. There is an option for a school license.

It is a great collaborative tool but it can also be used as an independent activity. It allows you to import photos and the finished product can be saved as a jpeg.