Charitable Organization

Robot Wars

Important Note

Audiences note that this event is considered non-profit as the employees do not get a salary and all the profits we make, minus the expenses, will go to the charity, 'Make A Wish'.

Make A Wish

Make a wish is an excellent charity that grants one wish of a child diagnosed with a rare and threatening disease or condition. We, the Daredevil Falcons, are proud to announce that we are donating every single penny of our profit made in the annual Robot Wars event to this particular charity. Make A Wish quotes, "We believe that a wish can be a game changer." They believe that a wish granted to a child can change the course of their entire lives and guide them through their conditions. Wishes granted build up self confidence and enable a child to pursue the path they are in search of. Every 38 minutes, a wish is being granted. We acknowledge the fact that you decided to spend your precious time on this even and thus, assure you that every moment of the wars will be priceless.