Cynoglossum officinale

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What is the Houndstongue native to?

The Houndstongue is native to Eurasia. It was introduced (discovered) to the United States in 1893.

How was it introduced?

The plant was introduced accidentally through contaminated seed.

Impact and Solution

Infests pasture and rangeland, where it is toxic to livestock

Don't let houndstongue go to seed. Hand pull or dig up isolated plants and small patches and remove as much of the root as possible. If the soil doesn't allow for effective digging, spot treat with herbicide. Cutting second year plants, by conventional mowing if practical or with weed-eaters, reduces seed production and spread. If plants are cut close to the ground, many plants will not re-grow, athough some will and may flower and seed later in the season or the following year. Do not mow plants that are already in seed as this will likely disperse the seeds and possibly get moved on the mowing equipment to un-infested sites.

Located Out West

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