Cooks, Restaurants

Prepare foods in Restraunts

Job Description

To prepare foods in Restaurants, order supplies, keep records, and price items on the menu.

Tasks Required

1. Sanitary food handling practices 6. Help during rush hours of the restaurant

2. Follow recipes 7. Carve and trim meats

3. Stir foods to ensure even cooking 8. Know how to weigh, mix, and measure ingredients

4. plan and price menus 9. Coordinate and supervise work of kitchen staff

5. keep records and accounts

10.portion, arrange, and garnish food, and serve to waiters or patrons.

Knowledge, Education, Training & Experience

1. High school Diploma

2. training/working with an experienced employee from a few months to 1 year

3. Some pre-related work skill and knowledge

4. knowledge of raw materials, production process, quality control, and costs

5. knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies

Median Salary & Hourly Salary In Nebraska

Hourly- $10.08

Median Salary- 21,000