Parkview SPED

December 2018

12.10.18 Department Meeting Information

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ALL Teachers- check your grades for students in your class

What % of your SWD are failing for classes that you teach?

Why are they failing your class?

Has contact been made to the parent about grades? Phone calls/emails

Case managers- 12.7.18 Grade report

Check your caseload - especially your Seniors.

How is your caseload doing?

Has contact been made to parents about grades? Phone calls/emails

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Homebased Teachers- Needed

The only exception- You can not be the case manager of the student that receives services.

You must complete the online course.

Weather could be an issue this week. Have a digital lesson planned- Just in case

How do you teach a student that looks like this in your class?

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What is 5 Whys Problem Solving?

How could you use this strategy with your students?

A Deeper Look into Co-Teaching Success: Guest Post by Elizabeth Stein

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What's Happening during your IT time?

Does your IT just talk about the same thing over and over?

Doing the same thing and getting the same results?

Use the questions below to enrich your IT time.

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Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency