Your Final Intership Hours

Saying Goodbye

Traveling the Last Mile

"I've been taking in as much information as I can before "it's all over" and have been concerned with career goals. The past couple of weeks have just been filled with an overwhelming amount of anxieties and mixed emotions" -Student Reflection

Closure with your supervisors

  • The formal phase: final evaluation with the site supervisor and perhaps an evaluation of that supervisor by the intern as well
  • The informal phase: the supervisory relationship is processed and discussed, as are the feelings about the ending of that relationship

The steps of closing an internship

  1. The final evaluation
  2. preparing for the final conference
  3. The final conference
  4. Feedback for the supervisor
  5. Ending the supervisory Relationship

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You're Done! Good Luck!

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Johanna Bisard

Amy Simon