Teacher Cadet weekly Log

From Friday october 26 to November 1

Friday October 26, 2012

Today Mrs. Barber was out ,so in class we watched some more of the movie "The River is wide." From my point of view it was a pretty good movie. When it was first introduced to us I thought it was going to be boring, but it actually turned out to be a pretty good movie. The teacher in the movie was very inspiring; i always look up to teacher who inspire me to learn. At the end of the movie Mr. Conroy(the teacher) said at the end that he felt the childern changed him in a way,if the teacher say that I feel the teacher has actully done their job. When I become a teacher i would like to inspire my student to learn, because it is that important

Tuesday October 30, 2012

Today Mrs. Barber was back, and we finnally finished the moive "The River is wide." The ending was kinda sad to be honest, but then I relized Mr.Conroy was right about the change in the kids life ,and his life within the year. Then after the movie Mrs.Barber gave the class a really cool pen, and a cup. I felt special when i recieved my cup and pen. The pens she gave us are like magic I tell you. I mostly write my notes with it, but still its a pretty nice pen. oh yeah, and it comes with a highlighter.

wednesday October 31, 2012

Today Summer and Claire presented their weekly log to the class. I really enjoyed hearing the present the logs. Hearing them made me excited to present my weekly log. I like how they set the pictures up, and the pictures they chose. Also the background was pretty neat,and kinda went with the discussion. After their presentation I volunteered to present my lifeline project. I felt I did pretty well, I was nervous at first, but as I went along I started to loosen up. I know when I was trying to put together the project I was beyond lost, but I managed to get though it. After I was finished with my presentation, Kayley was up next to present her lifeline project. I enjoyed listening to her presentation. He camping motif was pretty interesting I had never been camping before, hopefully I will be able to go. I know if I want to know anything about it, she can tell me. As she went on she had to stop because the bell was about to ring and ,Mrs.Barber told her she can finsh on thursday.

Thursday November 1, 2012

Today in class Mrs. Barbra went over the bell ringer, which was to remind me I have my weekly log presentation tomorrow.Then Kayley Presented the rest of her lifeline presentation. Then Amber was next , her motif was creative and the pictures we fantastic. She spoke loud enough, and she had good eye contact. She did an awesome job at explaining the developments she went though. Up next was Sarah D. her morif was neat the water theme was creative. Her pictures went well with the motif. The police story was very funny. I understood how she felt about moving because I really hated moving, and thats all I did throughout my middle school years. Next it was summer, and presentation was fun ,and cute. I thought the story about the frisbees was nice. and i thought her dress was very pretty. last but not least for the day was kimmberly. For some reason as she was getting ready to present I was becomming very excited to see what she had come up with. She's quite, but when it come to presenting it's like it takes place of her quiteness. Her motif was her drawings from her preschol years to now. They were really cute I wish I still had my pictures from when I was youmger. Over all i enjoyed listening to her explain her project. After she was finished the bell was about to ring ,and steadman was called to the guidence office. and again I was reminded about my log.