The Call of the wild

By Jack London. Created by Porter Smith


The Call of the Wild is an adventure story.


Buck is in a very strict situation. He faces to be killed or be killed. First, he sees his friend get killed. This made a big impact on his life. Always live like you would die tomorrow.

Protagonist and Antagonist

Buck is the Protagonist, he is the main character in this novel.

Hal is the antagonist, he is very cruel to Buck

Main Character====BUCK

Buck is the main character of the story. Buck is big strong, powerful St. Bernard and half sheep dog. He loves his master, John Thornton, he feels the wild calling him away from civilization and longs to come together again with the primitive roots of his species. He is the most human like dog of them all. Not really any weaknesses


  1. "Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time." Buck's experience with John Thornton.


Very little of the story took place in California, then to Alaska and the Klondike region of Canada. If the setting wasn't as what it is, most likely none of this wouldn't of happened.

Main conflicts / climax / resolution

Biggest conflict: Buck’s struggle against his masters and his development from a tame dog into a wild beast.

Climax: John Thornton’s saving of Buck's life from Hal's cruelty.

Resolution: the resolution in this novel is his full and total return to the wild. He had finally answered his call and become well known.

External Conflict: man vs. nature

Internal Conflicts: Buck vs. his own instincts

Personal Opinion

This book was very adventurous, lots fun things to read about. This book is a good book to read when your bored, it will make your day so much better. I would recommend this book to not only pet lovers but to everyone. This was a well written book.