Rankin Bulletin

March 21 - Bulletin # 29

Our Week in Review!

Monday: Marching Band March through @ 10:25ish. MERT Drill Review on Monday at noon in main office for those on MERT team.

Tuesday: I will be out of the building until 10:30 at the GISD; Water Presentation at CAMS @ 4:30 pm

Wednesday: Early/Late Start @ 8:20 am

Friday: No SCHOOL! Enjoy the 3 day weekend and Easter Sunday!


Tammy Belen, uROCK! It is exciting to see students excited by science and Tammy does that. Not only in her PLTW class but also in the science club. I got to see some excited students ready for interviews at the Flint Science Fair this weekend. I'm sure they did great at their interviews! Tammy's enjoyment of science is evident in her work with students and their excitement with it!

Water Presentation

A representative from the GISD is scheduled to present the Supporting Children and Families During the Flint Water Crisis presentation to elementary staff on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. in the Auditorium at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School. This presentation is geared for elementary staff. We have nearly 40 students (12%) of the students at Rankin impacted by this. I suspect the number will only grow as families move to other areas outside of Flint and we will continue to be impacted by the effects of the water crisis. If you are available please try to attend.

MERT Drill

We will be having a Medical Emergency Response Plan Drill (MERT Drill) the week of the 28th. If you are a member of the team or an alternate we are planing to meet at noon on Monday to review responsibilities in the conference room. I have attached to the email a pdf of the plan so you will know if you are on the team. If you are unable to make it, please touch base with me on your responsibilities. I will also review a few reminders as this weeks PLC meeting.

STAR Testing & Quarterly Testing

The STAR testing window has opened. 1st through 5th grade can use their computer lab time to test. It can be any time within the testing window of now thru Spring Break, April 1. I would suggest this week for testing. We will complete Kindergarten testing on Wednesday March 23rd. Remember you have math quarterly assessments and that window is next week through the 1st.

CAHS Marching Band March through

The HS Band will be conducting a “march through” on Monday at approximately 10:25. They are traveling to all the buildings so this is an approximate time….The office will “announce” when they get here and you are welcome to have your students line the hallway outside your classroom to watch them march through. They will come in the east end hallway doors (by 5th grade classrooms) and travel down the hallway to the gymnasium and then circle around the gym and make a return trip back down the hallway. Last year they stopped and played a song in the gymnasium for the students in the gym. Rooms 10, 11 and 12 are welcome to line up in front of the gym or in the gymnasium as they will not travel past the gym. I’m a band mom so, of course, I love the loud marching band as they march through; however, the students also love them and it’s nice to see former Rankin students!

Year End Artifacts - Teacher Data

As I indicated at PLC (but not everyone was at PLC), Analyzed individual teacher data is due to me April 18th. It should be entered in Teachscape under Year - End Artifacts. Remember Data is 25 % of the evaluation again this year. It is my recommendation that all teachers submit individual data. Remember, do not include student names!


If you are considering any students for retention please send me an email with their name(s) or write them on a post-it note. As I mentioned at the Late Start meeting, I will need to get student retention information over to the administration building soon so I would like to have this information gathered this week so I have it when it is requested.