Week At A Glance

September 13-18, 2015


Please welcome Betsey Taylor to our flock!! She is joining us as an Instructional Assistant with our Resource Team. So happy you are here, Betsey!

Reminders for the upcoming week

Have you....?
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Resource Note

When you are in need of assistance from Resource in your classrooms, please call generically for resource assistance. Since all resource individuals, teachers and instructional assistants, are working across all grade levels, anyone may assist if needed.

The message could be something like the following: "Resource assistance needed in Mrs. Renick's room." Then a Resource individual closest to the room can assist in a timelier manner than if a specific individual is called for. If further specific assistance is needed after that, it can be requested.

2-hr Delay RELATED ARTS Schedule

9:40-10:10am - Team 64

10:15-10:45am - Team 61

10:50-11:20am - Team 62 (2 related arts available for café/recess)

11:25-11:55am - Team 63 (2 related arts available for recess)

12:00-12:30am - Related Arts lunch

12:30-1:00am - Team 51 (2 related arts available for recess)

1:05-1:35am - Teams 52/53

1:40-2:10 am- Teams 54/55/56

2:10-2:40am - Related Arts prep

The link above was shared by Lauren Driskell during PD on Friday. The link is a breakdown of apps and websites by reading strategies with lesson plans or project examples from Nadine Gilkison (Technology Integration Specialist- Franklin Township http://www.fttechtips.com/). 21st century learning simplified and the SAMR model broken down as well. Please explore....

Thanks for sharing, Lauren!!

Online Resources

There really area some outstanding resources provided in John Wolf's periodic Indiana Literacy Liaisons...Read On, Indiana!: Announcement. We know you all are super busy but did want to remind you that these emails are generally chalked pack with valuable resources. (email forwarded most recently from Randy on Thursday morning. 9/10)

Teaching and Learning in HSE

This week, we have included two more stories. The first is from Beth Shepherd, who tells her story of Mrs. Kpotufe, who had a major impact on her life’s trajectory. I end with a story about the first few minutes of the first day of school of fifth grade.

Here is the link: The Decisive Element Part II

We hope you find these stories thought-provoking and helpful.

Thanks for being the decisive element in your classrooms or in whatever you are doing in HSE to support and encourage our students.

Have a great week.

HSE Teaching and Learning Team

******* Food for Thought.... *******

What's Happenin' at the Creek!

Monday, September 14th, 2015 Rot.F-5

8:00-3:00pm - Math Meeting w/ Dr. Flessner - Randy and Kim (@ admin)

2:50-4:00pm - 6th Grade Cross Country

2:50-5:45pm - Engineering For Kids @ Lab

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 Rot. C-1

7:30-11:30am - Intermediate Admin Meeting/District Admin Meeting - Randy and Kim @ FJH

2:50-4:00pm - 5th Grade Cross Country

3:00-4:00pm - Choir

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 Rot. C-2

2:50-3:30 - FCI Discussion Meeting

2:50-4:00pm - 6th Grade Cross Country

2:55-3:40pm - FLIP Spanish Program

Thursday, September 17th, 2015 Rot. C-3

2:50-4:00pm - 5th Grade Cross Country

7:00-8:00pm - Parent Meeting at HIJH with Mr. Mojo (Anti-bullying presentation)

Friday, September 18th, 2015 Rot. C-4

7:50-8:50am - Mojo Up Anti-bullying Presentation in gym

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