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How did we come to be?

New York was not always New York! It was originally colonized by the Dutch and called New Amsterdam. The Dutch settled here because they wanted to establish colonies in the New World, as well as set up a hub for trade and commerce. England took over New Amsterdam in 1664 because it saw how prosperous it was. It was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York. The Dutch and English lived in harmony here from then on!


New York is located in the area where the Middle Colonies are. A map of where we are located is below this excerpt. The climate here is very mild, which helps regulate crops and daily weather. It is a coastal colony, making it a good place to import goods from other places and export goods in return. Because it is such an important trade hub, it is a wealthy colony. A number of jobs are offered here from farmer to printer and everything in between. This colony is a perfect land for new opportunities!
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Some of Our Colony's Characteristics

  • New York does not have a leading religion, and religious freedom is encouraged!
  • New York's government is run by a governor appointed by the king, and there is also an elected assembly.
  • New York offers many prominent trades, such as fish, boards, furs, flour, timber, butter and many other goods.

Important Events

  • The New Amsterdam colony was established in 1614.
  • It is officially a colony in 1626.
  • The English took New Amsterdam in 1664. It is renamed later that year.
  • The Dutch retake New Amsterdam in 1673 during the Anglo-Dutch War.
  • The English retake New York once and for all in 1674, and peace is established between the two countries.
  • The colony was granted its first official government in 1683.

People Who Have Made Our Colony What it is Today

We are ready for you!

New York's doors are always open to settlers that want new opportunities in a land of prosperity! So come join us in New York! There's always room for people who want to do something incredible with their life.