North Korea

The censorship by the government

History & Government

North Korea currently is run by a ruthless dictator named Kim Jong Il. After the Korea's split in 1945, Kim Jong Il's ancestor Kim Il-Sung created a personality cult about himself. North Korea has remained in the Kim's control since. The state has become isolated from other countries too, this means no one is allowed in or out without the government consent which is not given to the average citizens.

Technology Censorship

All the technology in North Korea is monitored by the government. The televisions often run propaganda to promote North Korea and its government. The government does not allow any communication between its citizens and the outside world. If anyone is caught with illegal technology (technology in connection with or giving information about other countries) are sent to jail, sent to work at a labor camp where they can get brutally beaten, or even condemned to death.

A Fallen Regime

Researchers have said that the best solution in taking down the regime in North Korea is waiting for it to fall. Other regimes have fallen without warning and with little drastic effects. This method will take patience and time, but it is better than starting a war.