Independent democrat

She was the first lady in congress

What she liked to do for a living

  1. She loved to write letters
  2. She once wrote a paper in the news paper
  3. She had also made congress too

This lady had many goals

  1. She wanted to get the right for women
  2. She wanted to end convict lease system
  3. Both of these goals had soon came true

This lady was racist, she was a senate, she was a polcitals, and she also helped poor people

Here are some questions that you might have

Some questions with answers

  1. Who did she aboulstly hate? The Bourbon Triumvirate
  2. what honor did this lady get? 1st women in the u.s senate
  3. Why do you think this lady was to receive this award?
Her work with her husband (Dr. Felton), the right to vote, Help poor people.