How to Get Away With High School

By: Terence Heard

Freshmen to Senior

My first year of high school I didn't know who I was and I dint know if I would fit in. I got into sports and got involved in a lot of things to see what I would enjoy and what I wouldn't to see where I would fit in. freshmen year for me was all about exploring my options and finding myself and finding that one friend that's doing the same and that's going to ride out with you the whole way and mines was Alyssa Cohen. Sophomore year is where I experimented and had fun. I hung out with all upper classman because if people see you hanging out with upper classmen you wont get messed with, you get invited to all there functions and you get to see what it feels like to hang out with people that are older then you. sophomore year was the peak of where it all begin that's when I actually figured out that I like guys :) junior year was all about putting myself into the making, kind of like a Re-Up my personality, style, and attitude, my whole demeanor changed. Senior Year is where it was all about expressing myself , having fun and living up the ending of my high school experience.
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Everyone gets a glow up (freshmen to senior)

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High School has taught me

-high school has taught me Administration is low key feds.

-high school taught me that if your going to be late to class might as well stop and good food and look good walking in class.

-high school taught me to always pair up with an Indian or Asian when doing a group Project

-high school taught me to make the bests moments memories because you only get the high school experience one.

-high school taught me its not about learning its about passing and become friends with at least two lunch ladies and your AP

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No Regrets

Promising Night

Prom is the most memorable night in high school. For me it was a Gay Cinderella film but still a dream come true. I've been to prom all for years but this was my prom and I got to go with my first love. Amazing how gays get a lot of attention on prom night felt like a celebrity which I do everyday

Rip the Halls

High school has been a fashion show I've got to live every single day. I was one of the judges and models of what these kids wore. Live through high school and love it. It's the best time of your life.
Senior year at CHS