Avoiding LSD

Everything You Need to Know About LSD

History (Early/ Discovery)

- 1938 was when it was discovered

- It was discovered accidentally by a man named Albert Hofmann

- They discovered that the drug has incredible potency even in small doses

History (The Beginning and Middle of use)

-Researchers discovered that out of one gram of pure LSD crystals one would receive 10,000 to 20,000 doses

-Scientists began to experiment on volunteers to see if the drug had any use in psychiatric treatment

Short Term Effects

- Severe terrifying thoughts and feelings

- Fear of losing control

- Fear of insanity and death

- bad trips can last for up to 12 hours

Long Term Effects

- Many LSD can experience flashbacks

- LSD users may end up getting long lasting psychoses or severe depression

How LSD effects you

Although LSD is not considered an addictive drug people who use LSD may not want to stop and the long term effects are very damaging.


- Can cure cluster headaches

- You do not always have a bad trip (depends on a lot pf factors)

- LSD was used as a treatment for everything from Alcoholism to Autism


- The effects of acid are unpredictable

- You never know when you will have a good or a bad trip

~Side Effects~

  • Dilated pupils
  • Higher or lower body temperature
  • Sweating or chills (“goose bumps”)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Tremors

Good Trips

Some people have spoken of seeing colors when they hear some sounds.

There is an overall sense of happiness and euphoria. Everything is beautiful, interesting and magical. When one is on LSD they often become very emotional and dreamlike.

Bad Trips

Users sometimes say that it has to do to the "set and setting." This means that if you are already in a bad mood, or you trip in a place that makes you to think logically (such as school), you could have a bad trip. This causes fear and paranoia. The loss of control is terrifying, and it could seem like the trip will never end. Sometimes when someone has a bad trip, he or she is taken to a hospital.
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Legal Consequences

- Having LSD wont result in you being arrested unless the prosecutor can prove that you were going to take the drug, but you can still be put in prison/ jail if you are in possession of the drug.

- It is not illegal to be under the influence of LSD in the state of California

Fun Facts

- LSD was discovered in Switzerland

- The CIA conducted tests using LSD on human subjects

- LSD is a hallucinogen

- LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Dithylamide

Other names

- Acid



-Microdot/ Dot

- Yellow Sunshine


- Window Pane

- Tabs


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