All About Texas!

By: Brandon Muntean

What is Texas?

Texas is a state in a country well known as The United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. Texas became part of the U.S.A. on December 29th 1845, President James K. Polk signed the act that made Texas the 28th state.

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Reasons To Settle Texas

There are so many reasons to settle in Texas, for instants there is cheap land and good rich soil that farmers love! If you are a country person, you will sure love it here! There is great food that you will enjoy! Like beef, chicken, corn, and many more!! Do you love to go hunting? Then come settle here! There are plenty of animals to hunt! There are so many great reasons to settle Texas!

Meet Some Settlers!

A settler can receive up to 4000 acres in land!

What Supplies Do You Need?

You need to buy/receive land first, then you can build your house, and go hunting for food. then buy some animals for a farm and food! you can grow some food, like vegetables, and fruit. Of course, Don't forget the cloths!

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An Introduction to Texas - Texucation