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The bark of a tree is an important component of protection.

What Are Some Common Diseases Trees Experience?

When a tree becomes unhealthy and diseased, it becomes a danger to humans, animals, and homes. Diseased trees are more likely to fall and could lead to devastating injuries or damages. It is important homeowners are able to recognize the signs of diseases in their trees so they will be able to know when they need to seek a Tree service Denver. With the following information, owners will be able to be proactive in seeking a tree removal service for their diseased tree.

Signs of Tree Disease

Many homeowners simply do not understand the types of diseases trees can suffer. They do not know the warning signs to look for. Often, diseased trees go unnoticed for years, until the damage becomes so pronounced the tree falls.

If a tree begins leaking fluid, this can be a sign it has alcoholic slime flux disease. The tree will weep a sour fluid that commonly begins to be excreted during the spring and summer months. It will leave dark streaks on the bark.

When a tree begins to experience hard gray growths, this is a sign it has been infected with fungus. Fomes fomentarius is a type of fungus that affects birch, cherry, maple, and hickory trees. The hoof-shaped growths must be removed or they will continue to grow and eventually destroy the tree.

The bark of a tree is an important component of protection. When the bark is peeling, this is a significant disease is present. Peeling bark could lead to a lack of nutrients which will cause the tree to eventually die.

If the tree develops black shoots and flowers, this is a disease called fire blight. Fire blight will quickly destroy a tree and lead to the need for removal. This is a serious and quick-replicating disease that should not be ignored.

Light brown shelves of fungus on the trunk of a tree is a serious type of fungus. As the fungus spreads throughout the trunk, it will eventually harden and turn black. Once this has happened, the tree is likely to fall because it becomes so diseased.

Get Professional Help

If your trees are exhibiting any of the above signs, it is crucial you seek the professionals for treatment or tree pruning. These diseases can spread quickly and lead to serious complications for the tree. Call today for your appointment so your trees can be carefully inspected for any signs of disease.