Gun Laws

stricter or looser?

Gun Laws Today

A hot topic today is the question of stricter or looser laws about the purchase and ownership of guns today. Now more than ever, people feel the need to carry a gun to feel the sense of safety. Since 9/11/01 everyone has the fear of terrorism in our country. It was the first time someone had burst into our safety bubble; that was never questioned before the major destruction done on that day. Recently these fears have been stirred up with the attacks in Paris where over 130 were killed by 7 terrorists.

Along with that tragic event, we have had a major shooting about every week to read about in the news and stretch our fears further. For these reasons the topic of gun laws and whether it's our right or should be controlled is really heating up. If we allow everyone to have a gun, do you think that will help? Considering the mental stability of people today, loosening gun rules would provide guns easily to those who can't handle them. Another personality is those who in a situation would panic and pull out their gun where it is not needed and an argument could quickly turn into a mass shooting. Loosening gun laws will only further our fear of safety ; what we need is background checks on the people who are able to own a gun. If we have tougher gun laws, life will be safer and better for all of us.