GES Title I Tips

November 2022


November is National Family Engagement Month

November is a month for celebrating families!

As we enter into this holiday season, November is a month for gathering together and enjoying the blessings of family. We are very thankful for our wonderful GES families and the many ways they help our students continue learning at home. At the end of September, we held our First Semester F.A.S.T. meeting to review our fall benchmark results, discuss student year-end goals, and share ways parents can help from home. We strongly believe in the power family engagement has in relation to student success. Family Engagement Month serves to highlight the vital role parents play in their child’s education. To serve as a visual representation, we are asking our GES families to participate in a Family Project!

Title I is asking families to help decorate our "Gift of Reading" tree. Each student will be sent home with instructions and an ornament for our families to decorate based off of their favorite holiday book. Your family's ornament will be returned to school and added to our Title I Christmas tree. Please take a moment to discuss, plan, and create an ornament to display on our tree. We have had excellent participation in our past two Family Engagement Month projects and we hope this one will be another success!

Be sure to check out our school website for more ideas to celebrate National Family Engagement Month and to see the results of our GES families’ collaborative efforts!

Important Dates & Events You Don't Want to Miss

  • November 7th @ 6:00 pm - PTO Meeting
  • November 9th - 3rd Grade Creative Arts Club
  • November 10th @ 10:00 am - Spelling Bee
  • November 11th - 13th - PTO Fall Auction
  • November 17th - 1st Field Trip to Audubon Acres
  • November 18th - K, 2nd & 4th Thanksgiving Lunch
  • November 21st-25th - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL
  • November 30th - Progress Reports Go Home
  • December 3rd - PTO Breakfast with Santa


Family-School Compacts - Thank you!

We had over 96% of our students return their 2022-2023 Family-School Compacts! This was very close to our 100% goal. Thank you to all of the families who helped develop the compact and returned their signed compact pledge. This document is used throughout the year as a guide for how our teachers, students and parents will work toward helping our students achieve their academic goals.


Volunteer Opportunities

We can always use extra hands at Graysville, especially during the holiday season! If you have time to give to GES please contact Marissa Watson with your availability. I will make sure we have something for you to work on!

Volunteer News

Thank you to all of the awesome parents and grandparents who have been volunteering their time and talents at GES. Our hearing and vision screening, PBIS Fall Reward Day, and so much more could not have been pulled off without your help!

A special thanks to these October Volunteers:

  • Weekly Snack Bags & Parent Room: Dee Dee Buckley
  • 1st Grade Decodables: Lauren Evans, Wendy Godwin, Matthew & Sarah Plaas, and Kate Whicker
  • Hearing & Vision Screening: Jessica Downey, Ellen Dreschel, Shirley Kilgore, Regina Moses, and Isla Stevenson
  • PBIS All Day All Stars: Camry & Robbie Hightower, Cassie Hise, Regina Moses, & Erin Simpson
  • PBIS Grade-Level Greats: Brenda Black, Tiffany Blackwood, Anna & Ryan Bradley, Holly Clemmons, Mary Faulkner, Nicole Jones, Maxine Matoon, Deborah Nite, Deana Pangle, Matthew Plaas, Angie Ragle, and Isla Stevenson.


Teaching Gratitude

What is your family grateful for and how can you teach your child about gratitude? Here is a simple game you can play at home.

  • Choose six crayons and assign each color a category. For example: red= a person, blue= a place, green= a thing, yellow= a food, orange= an animal, purple= drawers choice.

  • Place the crayons in a cup and hand each person a piece of paper.

  • Take turns selecting a crayon. Draw a heart on the page and write or draw something you are thankful for in that category. For example, if your child draws orange they can write or draw the family pet.

  • Once everyone has a heart for each color, share what’s “in your heart” with one another. Display the pages as a reminder of the things your family members are grateful for this Thanksgiving!


TITLE I INTERPRETED - What is my child learning?

Students are taught using the state adopted standards, the Georgia Standards of Excellence. These standards can be reviewed by visiting the GES website, under the Title I tab, in the Parent & Family Resources section or by visiting

Teacher Qualifications

GES Teachers are highly qualified. Parents have the right to request teacher and paraprofessional qualifications. For more information, please contact the school office.

2022-2023 Title I Budget

For the 2022-23 school year, GES has received $154,810 in Title I funds. 85% of these funds are spent on the salaries for our full-time Academic Coach and our part-time Parent Involvement Coordinator. 13% is used to purchase student technology including iReady, Brain POP, Reading Eggs, IXL Math and Reading, and Flocabulary. 1% is used for teacher training and the final 1% is used for parent workroom supplies. If you would like to provide input or have any questions on how Title I funds are being spent, please contact our Principal, Mrs. Sholl, or our Parent Involvement Coordinator, Marissa Watson. Title I Budget Handout.

Title I Parent & Community Input

Feedback is always greatly appreciated and will be gathered throughout the year, so please feel free to contribute at any time by contacting me or by filling out the Parent & Community Input form located on the GES website under the Title I tab.

Title I Parenting Resources

Parenting resources are available to be sent home from our Parent Resource Library. The list of resources can be found on the GES website under the Title I tab or by clicking here. We also have a digital library of parenting resources available online in English and Spanish. Please contact Marissa Watson if you would like more information.

Graysville Elementary School Title I Program

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Rebecca West, Academic Coach

Marissa Watson, Parent Involvement Coordinator

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