School System Flawed?

By Elias Torres

Does School Measure Intelligence Accurately ?

I chose this topic because I have always wondered if our school system was good the way it is or if it has major flaws when it comes to measuring intelligence. Every year students are tested on what they have been taught through out the school year to see what they were able to retain. The problem with these test and the way our school system is set up is not very diverse because the majority is based on a one size fits all system. Some subjects like Math and English do require a final exam because without one, it would be very hard to see what you retained. Some students that are very intelligent don't get identified as intelligent for the simple reason that they do not fit into the school's system and how teachers teach. Each student learns in a different way and at their own pace. We have living proof today that school doesn't decided if you're smart or not with people like Bill Gates ( co-founder of Apple). Schools use exams to determine what you know when instead the schools should be focusing on what can you do. Everyone has a unique mind and not everyone learns or thinks the same. Albert Einstein's teachers told him that he was never going to learn anything simply because he didn't fit in their school system of teaching. He went on to help develop the atomic bomb and is considered one of the smartest men in history. This goes to show that school doesn't define if you're smart or not.

Do Exams Determine Your Intelligence ?

Students become very stressed and worried when it comes to exams. Teachers try their best to show students different ways to retain the information given to them which is great. However, in the real world you don't take exams; presentations and reports are used more often then not. Some students get anxious and nervous when they are taking exams which makes them forget some of the information they know. Other students might not be very successful when it comes to grades, but they might be great in other areas. The main problem with the exams is that they are too restricted and limit the student's creativity. Also with today's technological advances the importance of knowing certain materials have reduced due to the fact that we have technology in our everyday lives. If schools focused more on what you can do instead of what you can remember or what you learned we would have more people doing the things they love and that they are good at. This could lead to new inventions and ideas that could benefit society. Not everyone is going to score very high in the ACT or SAT, but they can be very successful in other aspects of life. School is not the only thing that students have going in their life. Some are gifted with talents and they should use them to their full potential. Students should still pay attention in school, but a letter grade in their report card does not define who they are.
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Has Technology Changed Education ?

Education and technology have come along way in the last two decades. Technology has facilitated learning because we now have access to numerous amounts of online sources from which we can get information from. In today's outside world it's all about doing things quick and doing them correctly. In many jobs you are told to make presentations or write reports depending on what you're job is. So why are we focusing so much on test taking and exams in school? Isn't the whole point of going to school to get educated and get prepared for the real world? Our school system is not the same as it was before technology for sure, but the same principals and some teaching methods are still used. We use technology in our everyday lives which allows us to do certain things easier than before. We have computers to make spreadsheets, calculators for math equations and formulas and most importantly we have the internet which allows to research anything we want. Students use little effort when trying to find an answer because they use the internet which gives you direct answers more often than not. In some ways I believe technology has made society rely heavily on it which can gives both advantages and disadvantages.
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Is College Still Worth It ?

Many parents and teachers encourage students to go to college and get a degree and get a higher education. Students and parents believe that going to college is a sure way of being successful, but in today's world its not the case. Many students go to college because they want to get the " college experience" and make new friends others go because they want a higher education. However, by the time they graduate students find themselves in debt with numbers reaching 5 digits. Student loans have reached one trillion in the U.S. with 40 million Americans struggling to pay off the debt. The cost for attending a top four year college is rapidly reaching a quarter of a million dollars. If that wasn't enough, many students struggle to find a job after graduating because they lack the experience that many employers look for when they are hiring. Some careers do require college education specially in the medical field. You would never find a surgeon that is not certified and has several degrees under their belt. College does not guarantee success in life, but depending on what you want to do in life then college is your best option. Not everyone is going to be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but you can be successful without going to college if you work for it.


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