Miss Colsten's Weekly Newsletter

May 6, 2016

Important Dates

This Week...

It has been a fast and full week. We loved participating in the election and have begun to learn about all things spring. It was so special to prepare for our special guests on Friday and we enjoyed having you all with us!

In Math, we're continuing to review. This week we focused on the different ways in which addition and subtraction can look. For example, subtracting vertically or finding the words that mean subtraction in a story problem. We're practicing for 1st grade!

In Reading, we're continuing to focus on those reading strategies, that way they are really sticking with us for the summer! We've also started to take some practice tests, like spelling or simple direction following quizzes. It's helping us prepare for what tests and quizzes will look like in 1st grade.

Next week, we'll begin to dive in more to plants. We'll be planting and observing seeds in our classroom. Then, we will also get the chance to start a Kindergarten Garden here at TCE, we're excited to fill the garden and vote on what we should plant! We're also looking forward to the zoo field trip next Friday!

Kindergarten Election Day

Tuesday was not only a big day in Indiana, but for our Kindergarteners as well! Kindergarten classes took part in getting to know the 4 prominent presidential candidates and voted for who they thought would be the next president. Our classroom was lucky enough to be the polling site and we loved hosting the other Kindergarten classes as they came in to vote.

The only background knowledge given to students was simply the candidates' ages, families, and previous work experience. Before we went over the basic facts, I simply opened up the floor to hear what students already knew about the election taking place. I just loved hearing what students had to say about the candidates on their own. Here were some of my favorite quotes...

"Bernie Sanders is the oldest, oldest, oldest, he's a grandpa guy."

"A guy named Daily John is running for president too!"

"There's a lady running and she would be the first girl president!"

"We vote for people to become president and whoever gets the most votes gets to become president and they live in the United States...I mean in the White House, and I think that's in the United States?"

The winner of our Kindergarten Election was Hillary Clinton, you can see the total numbers down below. She was followed by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and then Bernie Sanders. I have to say, my favorite part was the following days, where students would come and tell me they wanted to change their votes. It was so fun to hear that they had clearly talked to their families about it and I loved hearing their reasoning behind changing their votes! Too cute!

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And the winner is...

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Muffins in May

Thank you to our special guests who came and spent the morning with our classroom for Muffins in May! We just loved being able to host and treat you!
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