The Wild Boar

Shay Webb Core 3

Sus scrofa

The wild boar predominantly lives in Eurasia, North Africa and the Greater Sunda Islands.The Boar came to the Americas in the 1500's with the Spanish. Today the wild boar is invading over half of the US.

How Does A Boar Look? Will it outlive me?

Wild Boars weight can range from 50- 200 kg. Their color is predominantly pale grey, brown or black. Their canine teeth are enlarged though larger in male species.

The length from their head to their body is 90- 180 cm; their tail is 30 - 40 cm

Humans We NEED Your Help or Else Beware the Future Prognosis

Wild Boar are taking our territory. We need to show them whose boss. In Texas, they have access to kill unlimited numbers of boars. If we eliminated more boars we could use their parts such as fur and organs for our needs. If we don't do something about them now, they possibly could take up to at least 75% of our living space which would cause a struggle on our end living