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Are you ready? Because we are!

Hello to All 2014-2015 Student Staff Members! We are extremely excited to work with you all this upcoming academic year! Believe it or not, training is right around the corner. Thus, please indulge us by reading the below important information about training, important dates and other Residential Education material.

Travel Plans Question?

Will there be shuttles from the airport? Shuttle services will be available for staff on August 9th (HR) and 13th (RA), the last shuttle will run at 4:00pm, make sure you contact Daniel Levy by August 6th with your flight information. You will also be notified 48 hours prior to arrival of your confirmed shuttle time

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. When do HRs need to be back on Campus? August 9th by 5:00pm. Dinner will be at Dr. Kennedy's house.
  2. When do RAs need to be back on Campus? August 13th by 5:00pm Dinner will be on your Quad. See your HR for exact location of Dinner on your Quad.
  3. I am an athlete and concerned about Fall Practices conflicting with Summit. What should I do? Note that your RA or HR position is your FIRST NON-ACADEMIC Priority. Dan Levy will be in communication with you and your coach to finalize a schedule that is beneficial for both parties. If you have concerns email Dan Levy at
  4. I am really nervous about this residential leadership position. Where can I look for more information? If you have a question just email your AD for more information. In the coming weeks, you will receive a copy of the training schedule.
  5. Is there anything special I should bring to Summit? Please bring ATHLETIC CLOTHING (Shorts, t-shirt, running/tennis shoes) for Summit Training and BUSINESS CASUAL CLOTHING for dinner with Dr. Adam Weinberg.
  6. Are meals at Curtis West during training mandatory? Yes, we expect everyone to be at meals during training.

Interested in being an active member of a Res Ed Committee?

Recognition Committee
  • The Recognition Committee is dedicated to giving student staff members the opportunity to celebrate each others' work. As a member of this committee, you will plan gifts for the entire Residential Education team, organize HR/RAs of the Month awards, and coordinate the end-of-year banquet. This is a great opportunity to channel your creative spark and show your colleagues how much you appreciate them. Please contact Daniel Levy if you would like to join.
Recruitment & Selection
  • The Recruitment & Selection Committee is looking for outside of the box thinkers and would like to extend an invitation to all who are interested. This committee will have a lot of influence over the process that will occur in December. Please contact BaShaun Smith if you would like to join.
  • We heard your feedback and this year we want you all to come up with our In-Service topics. Thus, this group will come up with the In-Service topics for the entire year and maybe even lead some of the sessions.

For those of you in First Year Residential Areas

The F.L.Y. Program (Finding the Leader in You) is a series of residential programs for the class of 2018. We focus on four core areas organize ONE program per semester for the entire class of 2018 based on those specific areas. You will work as a committee to ensure that these programs are successful. You select what committee you are on and then during Fall RA training, you learn more about the F.L.Y Program, resources provided for you to develop the program, and you even begin preparing for your Fall Semester Fall Program!

The Committees for Fall 2014 include:

  • Residential Sustainability (working to Green the Halls with your Sustainability Fellows)
  • Healthy U, Healthy DU (Focused on emotional, relational and physical wellness)
  • Personality and Purpose (Focused on helping people discover their academic passions and how what they do now will positively influence their lives beyond college)
  • Conversations and Contradictions (Work to engage in dialogues about tough topics-inclusion, diversity, campus culture...)

Please sign up for your committee of choice by August 1st. If you do not sign up by this date, you will be placed on a committee. Sign up Here:

Note: This is just for Resident Assistants (Not HRs in First Year Communities on the West Quad and North Quad/Tear Drop Area!)

Questions: Contact Molly McGravey (

Fall Semester Breaks Planning

Please plan break travel around the following dates and times for Fall Semester breaks:

  • After the conclusion of Thanksgiving Break closing exercises, RAs who helped close the residence halls will be expected to depart campus by 3pm on Saturday, November 22, 2014. RAs not serving in Thanksgiving closing should depart campus by 9AM on Saturday, November 22, 2014.
  • RAs may return to campus at 9am on Sunday, November 30, 2014.
  • After the conclusion of Winter Break closing exercises, RAs will be expected to depart campus by 3pm on Saturday, December 20, 2014.

For Thanksgiving and Winter break, we will be hiring Break RAs as we have in the past. These RAs will be housed in Break Housing and paid for their work during the break period. Break work typically includes assisting with Residential Education and Housing processes as well as serving on-call and being a resource to students staying on campus for break. Applications for this position (both Thanksgiving and Winter) will be available on October 27, 2014.

Opt-in for meals in August

There will be several meal times in August in which Curtis Dining Hall will be open but student meal plans will not have started. If you are interested in eating at Curtis Dining Hall for those times, it is important that you sign up (opt-in) for the specific meals. Residential Education will cover these meals.

Below you will see a list of meal dates/times. Read over the dates carefully and indicate the meals that you will be attending. If you don't intend on attending a meal, please don't opt in for it. Once you have indicated the dates below, please write down in your personal calendar the times that you have chosen.

Note: None of the dates below coincide with the training schedule. During training days, lunch and dinner is provided. It is not necessary for you to opt in for those dates.

Please complete this below link before Monday, August 4 at 4:00pm. If you have any questions, or need to change any of your responses, please email Dan Levy at

Mark your Calendars


  • September 24th at 5pm
  • November 6th at 6pm.
Staff Evaluations
  • October 6th-RA Self-eval is due to HR
  • October 13th-HR Eval of RA is due to AD
  • October 20th-HR sit down with RA to discuss evaluation and a signed copy is due to AD on October 24th.

RA Interview Weekend

  • December 5th, 3pm-8pm
  • December 6th, 9am-5pm

Winter Training

  • Staff return for Spring Semester on Thursday, January 15.
  • Staff Dinner Meeting on Thursday, January 15, at 6pm.

Contact Information

Kristan Hausman- 740-587-6665

Dan Levy-740-587-6757

Molly McGravey-740-587-6436

Cari Meng-740-587-5709

BaShaun Smith-740-587-6776