Celly 2015-16

The Time to Update is NOW!

Celly Information

♦ Celly--Aquin's Emergency Broadcast System

  • Aquin Catholic Schools' Emergency Broadcast System is provided by Cel.ly (pronounced celly).

♦ All of our Aquin High School Athletic teams utilize Celly for game changes, practice changes, departure notices, coach reminders, etc.

  • Each of our athletic cells are managed by their respective coaches.
  • They are set-up under 'Aquin Schools' and you have to join the cell to receive the messages from the cell.
  • Parents and players should join the Aquin cell of which they are a team member or team parent/guardian.
  • Use the information below for every cell you wish to join.
  • The coach will accept you into the group upon your request.
  • Please make sure that your Celly username is identifiable to the coach or your access may be denied.

New Aquin cells added and the webpage updated.

With the change of coaches, we have created new cells so all cells are now under 'Aquin Schools'--and all Senior High Athletic programs have cells.

NEW CELLS--any 2015-16 member must join:

  • Varsity Boys Basketball (2014-15 cell will not be used)
  • Fresh-Soph Boys Basketball (2014-15 cell will not be used)
  • Softball (2015 cell will not be used)
  • Golf (all new!)

♦ Manage Your Account

If you have 'graduated', left the team, or moved up from Fresh-Soph to Varsity, you will need to manage your account and make those adjustments.


Celly Instructions

  • use the notification system that works for you--or use all 3--it's your choice!
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Celly Names

  • you must enter the complete cell name as it is listed below the team icon
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And don't forget to join the Aquin Schools cell!

While you are joining our athletic cells, don't forget about our main cell that launched this notification system--@aquinschools. Follow the directions above, but use @aquinschools as the cell name.

You only have to join once, so if you're already receiving text alerts about school closures, last minute reminders, or other immediate notifications--you don't need to join again. But if you're not receiving these notices, join the cell today!

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, please contact laura.diemer@aquinschools.org, go to the Celly website at cel.ly (yes, that’s all it is) or go to the Aquin website Celly page. Once there, you will create a user profile, be able to view all messages as they are sent and maybe even start your own celly.