Mechanical Engineering

Charleston Poe

Task requiered for the job

Mechanical Engineers need to be able to see what they are going to build before it is built. They also half to be able to build anything from mechanical devices to new batteries. You need to be able to build things like elevators, escalators, generators, even steam and gas turbines. So they pretty much need to be able to learn how to build anything.

Skills required for the job

Need a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology. Usually includes a course of mathematics or life and physical science. Or a engineering or design class. The engineering technology course or other courses that are similar focus less on theory and more on the application of engineering principals.

Minimum education required for job

To be a Mechanical Engineer you need a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineer technology, or something related to that.

Median wage

The median wage of this job is $90,060 per year.

Projected job opening

It is supposed to grow 5% from 2014-2024
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