The 5 W's of the Crusades

By: Brandon Bohn and Arturo Chavez

First Crusade:

  • Who- French and the Germans
  • When- Began in 1097
  • Why- The western volunteer were requested to come to his aid and help repel the invading Anatolians.
  • Result- The recapture of Jerusalem
  • Location- Near East Anatolia
Second Crusade:

  • Who- Louis VII (France) and Conrad III (Germany)
  • When- Began in (1145-1149)
  • Why- Started the crusade in response to the fall of the County of Edessa
  • Result- Muslim Victory
  • Location- Egypt
Third Crusade:

  • Who- Muslims led by Saladin and Christians led by King Richards
  • When- Began in (1189-1192)
  • Why- It was an attempt to reconquer the Holy Land
  • Result- Treaty of Jeffa
  • Location- Near east, Anatolia