Are We There... Yet?

4th Grade Happenings

September 24, 2021


Where we focus on the Social-Emotional well-being of our staff, students, and families, High-Quality Instruction, and Collaboration to ensure learning for all of our Tomball ISD students.


Mission: Decker Prairie Elementary is dedicated to high levels of learning for all.

Vision: We will create an environment where everyone takes risks and collaborate respectfully through innovative learning.

Theme: The Power of Yet

Upcoming Dates

Friday, October 8 - Early release day (conferences, information forthcoming)

Monday, October 11 - Student Holiday / Teacher workday

Wednesday, October 29 - Picture Retakes

Early Dismissal

Friday, October 8 is an early dismissal day. Students will be dismissed at 12:40 pm.

Next Week's Objectives


I can determine the pattern and find the table that follows the pattern.

I can connect the strip diagram and equation to the word problem.


I can compare and contrast a variety of mixtures, including solutions.


I can analyze characters' thoughts, actions, and feelings.

I can explain how characters interact with one another.


I can make a clean copy to prepare to publish my writing.

I can think about my strengths and what type of published product will make sense to my audience.

I can publish my personal narrative in a polished, professional way.

Social Studies:

I can differentiate between an explorer, empresario, and conquistador.

I can compare and contrast between an explorer, empresario, and conquistador and explain their attributes.

September Prairie Pulse

Decker Prairie School Newsletter

Great Expectations

Each week, we focus on a life principle to help us learn how to be good citizens. Take some time each week to discuss these principles with your student.

GE Principles for the upcoming week:

Life Principle: flexibility - ability to adapt to change, "go with the flow"

Quote of the Week: "Be flexible, but stick to your principles." --Eleanor Roosevelt