Triangle Shirtwaist Fire!

Left 146 people dead! {¢50}

Shirtwaist Factory Fire

March 25, 1911

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory has set on fire in Manhattan, New York. Workers ranged from the ages of 14 to 43. This was located at the Asch building in Greenwich Village. The Fatalities were unbelievable it left 146 workers dead! Most of the victims were Jewish and Italian Immigrants.

Even though most of the workers were women 23 men died during this catastrophe. There were 600 workers there at the moment. Within 18 minutes it was all over , The cause of this tragic event was in a bin where either a lit match , lit up cigarette, or faulty electrical wiring. Even in very bad conditions and flammable materials all around them it would have been very hard to stop the fire.

Not Guilty!

In the courtroom of Judge Thomas Crain Isaac Harris and Max Blanck were trialed ion the case of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. The trial began on December 4th and had charges of Manslaughter and were defended by Max D Stuer. Relatives of the victims filled the rooms saying "Murderers! Murderers!" Charles Bostwick told jurors that he had witnesses of the ninth floor. Bostwick had 103 witnesses that had very moving testimonies over their coworkers.

After two grueling hours the trial came to a stop and Both men were found not guilty. Even though the death of Margaret Schwartz was caused by the door that was closed both men were not guilty. They were not charged on manslaughter of the death of Schwartz they did not know of the door being closed.


Saturday, March 25th 1911 at 4:45-5pm

Greenwich Village, New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

Highest Temperature:57 °F Rain/Precip:0.00"

Average Temperature:45.0 °F Snowfall:0.0"

Lowest Temperature:33 °F Snow on Ground:M"