Disagreement with Adam Smith

Read why I think Laissez-faire economics is bad.

My Opinion

Smith was wrong when he stated "laissez-faire economics is sound, logical, and advisable, even regarding child labor." There were many children suffering from child labor in the industrial revolution, and that number was on the rise. Of those children, a lot of them had poor working conditions, which could have resulted in injuries.

Some Things Laissez-Faire would be bad with...

Laissez-faire economics would be bad with a lot of economic problems. They should need government with these major issues.

-Labor (including children)

-Work Conditions

-Class Separation

-Living Conditions


Laissez-Faire economics would not be "sound" regarding labor. The government should step in to help out the laborers. But Smith thinks they should do the opposite. If the government steps in they could pass an act or make a law that would prohibit or lessen the amount of laborers there are.

Work Conditions

Laissez-Faire economics would not work with work conditions. Along with labor, the government should have stepped in and past an act for quality work conditions. The runner of the factory could have made the factory very unsafe.

Class Separation

Adam Smith's opinion, is bad with Class. This is because, the higher class, pretty much dominated the lower classes. The government should have made it so that, the lower class, could have more power, and they could be closer to equal with the upper class.


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