Winter White

Jen Calonita

Theme One: Don't trust people you don't really know.

Mira and Izzie trusted their dad's new secretary Callista. Callista would listen to what the girls had to say and acted like she knew how they felt. Well Callista was also getting paid from Mira's ex best friends dad to tell the media bad things about the Monroe family. The Monroe family started to catch on and she got fired.

Theme Two: Family is more important.

Toward the end of the book Winter White Mira and Izzie started to figure out that family is more important then boyfriends or even friends. They started to get along with their family more and not argue with there dad about everything. They also learned that what people were saying was just rumors and not to believe every thing that gets said because some of it is not true.

Relation between the theme's.

The relations between the themes are that they trusted Callista and realized she lied to the media and the girls. When she lied they realized that family is more important then what other people say or think about them. They weren't going to fake who they where anymore just so people think they are a perfect family when no one's family is perfect.