The Landfills

One of the defining issues of our time

Pollutes the Air

Land fills release hazardous emissions into the atmosphere they release 10 toxic chemicals into the air. Some research shows stunted height in people who live near landfills.

Ground Water Pollution

Although the idea that these are harmless things the fact is that our drinking water is put at risk from landfills. A few drops a hazardous chemical TCE would result in a whole swimming pool worth of water to become undrinkable. Research shows that 81% of landfills have leaked this chemical.

Why do we have this issue

OUr culture of consumerism at a constant pace has resulted in much more thing being thrown out. Also this has caused he number of land fills to grow and keep on growing significantly.

Keep America Beautiful

Help stop the growth of Landfills

Some simple tips

- Try to donate things you don't need

- Save leftovers

- Buy Green

- Shun plastic