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September 8th, 2017

Benjamin Scoville, Director

From the Director

Dear Parents,

We've had another great week at CDS Middle School! Thank you for your support thus far in the school year. This week Principal Shim and I had the pleasure of visiting each of our Middle School classrooms to see how students were getting along. We were so happy to see kids collaborating well and truly engaging with the excellent learning opportunities teachers are providing.

This week students surprised Mr. Menzel and Mr. Howell by celebrating their birthdays. Dalton Cup practice games began, and our 7th grade students had the chance to interview several teachers from each academic discipline in order to focus their project research topics.

The week ended with an exuberant Morning House activity in which the entire middle school circled up in the gymnasium for a 10 minute game of "Duck Duck Goose!" Great times. A special thanks to Mr. Harris & Ms. Van Liew for planning community building moments like these.

Our MS Girls Soccer team will have their second jamboree on Saturday morning (9/9) at Taejon Christian International School (TCIS). It's far away, but if you can make it I'm sure they'd love to see CDS faces cheering them on.

Have a great weekend!

Suwon Ballet Festival - Grade 7 Field Trip

On Friday, September 1, twelve 7th Grade students were able to take a field trip to the Suwon Ballet Festival after school. We loaded the bus and had a lively and enjoyable bus ride down to the Suwon. When we arrived, we had dinner and then walked to the park that held the festival. During the festival, students were able to see various displays, including signed ballet toe shoes of famous ballerinas.The MC for the evening, led the crowd in some interactive challenges and games. Several of our students were able to go up to the front of the stage to collect their prize. Later in the evening, the students took pictures with some of performers on several mini-stages. Then, we watched a brief demonstration of the evolution of ballet. Students were able to see the difference in the costumes and movements of the various time periods, including Court Ballet, Classical, Romantic, Neoclassical, and Modern. The main event of the evening, were six performances of various ballets. The performance lasted around 2 hours and the students were able to see a wide variety of different styles of ballet. For many of the performances, there was a story that took place through the movement. The performers were very skilled and did a beautiful job. After a great performance, we loaded the us and headed home, arriving quite exhausted and ready for bed. Nonetheless, the trip was a great experience and a fun way to see the power of dance!

-Ms. Van Liew

Upcoming Author Visit - Rob Lloyd Jones

On Monday, October 16, 2017, author Rob Lloyd Jones will visit CDS Middle School.

We would like to offer the opportunity for you to purchase some of Rob Lloyd Jones' books from Kyobo bookstore prior to his visit.

Click to Order Books by Rob Lloyd Jones

The books will be delivered to the school and given to students before the author visit, and students can get the books signed during Mr. Jones' visit.

Students Interview our School Custodian about CDS's Eco Footprint

Students in Mr. Brennan's class are hard at work on a school improvement project. One of their lines of inquiry has to do with CDS's ecological footprint. This week they chose to interview our school custodian, Mr. Park. Here are some of the questions they asked:

What are the rules for recycling?

What should we do with it before putting it in the recycling bin?

How do you feel about the recycling situation when you are cleaning?

Do you see a lot of cans in the waste bin?

Are there recycling bins in the kitchen?

How do you think CDS can be a better place for recycling?

A lot of students don’t finish their plates. How can we reduce the food waste?

Where does all the waste go after it leaves CDS?

Students in Mr. Brennan's class will present their work to students and teachers once they're finished. We're looking forward to hearing more about their school improvement ideas soon.

Dalton Cup 9/6

Dalton Cup practice games began this week. Students showed great team spirit and enjoyed themselves despite some light rain on Wednesday.

The first real game of the season will happen on Monday with Cheongna vs. Dalton, and again on Wednesday with Korea competing with Phoenix.

SIS MS Girls Soccer Jamboree 9/2/2017 - Game Report

A beautiful Saturday morning set the stage for a great first day of the soccer season. The MS Girls soccer team suited up and headed to SIS for the first jamboree. We arrived very early, so took it easy and settled into the field. The girls were slightly nervous about the game, but with some reassurance and encouragement they took the field. Our first game, was against SFS 2B. It was a very fair-leveled matched, with the opposing team being at a similar level as our players. The nervous soon died away and the girls really got a good rhythm of playing in. We had our first goal scored by 6th grader Maria Montilla, who was overjoyed and thrilled! The girls were very aggressive and did a good job of being offensive for most of the game. Unfortunately, we saw a lot of bunching around the ball by multiple players, which did not lead to a conducive set-up. Ultimately, the game ended as a tie, 1-1.

Game 2 was against SFS 1B. We started the game with confidence and got a goal in on the early side by 8th grader Nayon Lee. Unfortunately, we started looking sluggish and the other team really started to out-play us. The team did not follow up on the defensive side and we got several goals past us, 4 to be exact. It was a good wake-up call and a reminder that we still have a lot of work to do, namely using the space, defensive work, and ball-handling.

The day ended with a match against CI A. The girls were hungry for a W and came out ready to get it. We were really lucky with the score, as early on in the game a long ball gently slipped past the keeper and rolled into the net. We were really excited, but continued to have a “0-0” mentality- keeping them humble and ready to work. They were able to keep the strong aggressive attitude and also played with better defensive work, namely marking up via goal-side. The communication with the players also picked up and it was great to see the girls talking more to each other. We got our win, with a 1-0 match.

It was a great way to start the season. We have a long way to go, but we started on the right foot and are excited to carry on strong!

Upcoming Events

9/9 MS Girls Soccer @ TCIS

9/16 MS Boys Soccer @ SFS

9/16 MS Girls Soccer @ KIS

9/25 - 9/29 Fall MAP Testing