Romanticism&Civil Disobedience

Examples and Details

Idealism- the belief that reality is not out there in material objects, but that reality is our ideas about things. An example would be like a person who is trying to save a persons life.

Individualism- the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant. An example would be a person being on their own and not be around people because they are independent.

Optimism- hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. An example would be like when Gandhi and Mandela believed that the outcome of their march would be successful.

Nature- the physical world all together including plants, animals, landscape, and the features of the earth. An example would be like Thoreau's career was based on nature as the conduct of life.

Response to Each Concept

The idea about idealism is a great example because I see it happen in everyday life. Like how people try and help others when needed. Like how Thoreau was an idealist, who found ways to succeed in the end. I agree with idealism. Because people think outside of reality even when they do not exist. Idealism is a good idea in everyday life. Idealism is affected the American culture in way that people made their own ideas like how people help others in their need.

The idea about individualism is a good idea because anybody can be independent and self-reliant. I agree because I, myself is an independent person. It is a good idea when you wanna be by yourself and have a little bubble for yourself. Individualism is affected the American culture in a way people think of the government making Independents sign up for a Democrat or a Republican.

The idea about optimist is a good idea because it shaped the world since the beginning. It gave people a feeling about things and if it never did happen it would be as bad. Optimist is affected the American culture the way people think, because anybody can have confidence in the future and gives them hope for their future.

The idea about nature is optimistic because nature is a beautiful thing and could be a great place to be when you need to be independent or want to spend some family time. It's a good idea during the summer especially because you could be observing nature just like Thoreau did. Observe many things like the plants, animals, landscape, and the features of earth. Nature is affected the American culture today because people still read the book up to this day for education and is important for people to be reading it and learning about it. I think it's great that people have been into nature just like Thoreau did.

Leader Responses

Leader Response #1 Gandhi + Analysis of Gandhi

Gandhi most important ideas were to protest without non-violence. He used this ideas intensively and extensively in his approach to public action, as a philosophy of life, and a way of life for himself. I think his idea is a good idea because he says what he think is right. His choice have impacted the world today, I think some people challenge without non-violence. People today influence the way of life for themselves.

Leader Response #2 Thoreau + Analysis of Throeau

Thoreau who is a famous writer was remembered for his philosophical and naturalist writings. He soon took lecturing himself. Still fascinated with nature, Thoreau wrote down his observations on plant and wildlife in his native concord on his journeys. He also remained a devoted abolitionist (advocate) until the end of his life. To support his cause, he wrote several works, including the 1854 essay "Slavery in Massachusetts." While other writers from his time have faded into obscurity, Thoreau has endured because so much of what he wrote is still relevant today. I agree with what he say because I think they're right and clear. Up to this day I still think what he said is true about his writing in his time. The most effective I find is Thoreau because what he wrote i his time is what I highly agree and like what he thought about in his time. Gandhi and Thoreau both said things about what they think is right for them but had different perspective.


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