Normangee MS Family Newsletter

August 11, 2022

From Mr. Wingfield


I hope everyone enjoys their last weekend off before the year officially starts on Wednesday. This newsletter has a lot of new, as well as older information, but please make sure to read through it as there have been some changes to policies and procedures. We are always looking for new ways to improve function and safety for our students and some of these changes will reflect that. We will also have some different procedures here at the MS and I will be sharing those as well during my presentation for 6th graders and new students to Normangee MS at Monday's Meet the Teacher Night. For those that are not at that presentation I will also share that presentation here in the newsletter after Meet the Teacher is concluded.

As always, if you have any questions please let us know

Jared Wingfield

Upcoming Dates

Meet the Teacher Night August 15, 5:30-7:30

Physicals due for Athletics, August 16

First Day of School August 17

6th Grade Parents

This year all 6th graders will be required to be in Band. Please plan on attending a quick meeting at the August 15th, Meet the Teacher Night. Mr. Holcombe, our new band director, looks forward to meeting you all and answering any questions that you have.

7th and 8th Grade Parents

Parents of 7th and 8th grade students, you will notice on your child's schedule that all 7th and 8th grade students have been enrolled in athletics to start the school year. This is not a permanent placement. There will be an opportunity to get out of athletics if your child so chooses and be enrolled in PE. This simplified the scheduling process originally and also allows all of our students to meet our new coaching staff.

Normangee ISD Cell Phone Policy

Normangee High School Parents and Students,

With the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year fast approaching. I want to share this information with you regarding the updated cell phone/electronics policy for Normangee Schools.

In prior years, the handbook required cell phones to be off and out of sight unless being used for an instructional purpose. Since all secondary students have been issued a chromebook, there is no longer a need to use cell phones for instructional purposes. Therefore we are making some changes to the cell phone policy.

The goal is to refocus our students on the primary purpose of school, which is learning and the learning process. Cell phones have undoubtedly become a major distraction and are detrimental to the learning environment. We want our teachers to have the best opportunity to be able to teach your child in the best learning environment possible. We want our students to have interpersonal skills to be able to communicate in face-to-face conversations with their teachers, other adults, and their peers. When they are constantly on their phones, texting, listening to music through their ear buds, etc., this is not possible.

Beginning this school year, the following cell phone/electronic policy will be in effect for Normangee ISD campuses:

  • Phones must be powered off, put away, and remain out of sight throughout the school day.

  • Students have the option to turn their phone into the office at the beginning of the day or when they arrive on campus.

  • Earbuds, headphones, and smartwatches are also to be turned off, put away, and remain out of sight during the school day. If teachers have classroom activities that require headphones the school will provide them.

A detailed description of the consequences for violation of this policy can be found in the Normangee ISD Student Handbook.

We know that there are times that you will need to get in touch with your child. Parents/Guardians can always call or come to the school office and we can get your child messages as needed. You may also contact your child through their school email:

All Normangee ISD staff have constant and immediate access to an emergency notification program that helps ensure the safety and security of our students and staff, further reducing the needs for students to have cell phones on throughout the school day.

Thank you for your support of Normangee ISD as we continuously strive to create the best educational environment possible that is free from distractions and that helps your child be the best they can be.


Normangee Administration

New District Bell Schedule

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New Pick and Drop off Routes for Elementary and Secondary Buses and Car Riders

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School Supply list for Grades 6-8

From Athletics

Any students interested in participating in Athletics for the 2022-23 school year must fill out the appropriate paper work and have physicals on file. Physicals need to be turned in the by the first day of school. If you do not have a physical you can not participate. Below are links to the hard copy versions of athletic paperwork:


SCA Awareness Form.pdf




Emergency Info Sheet

Drug Testing Consent Form

You may also complete the online forms:

Emergency Info & Drug Form 22/23

Steroid, Rules, Concussion, SCA, Ins 22/23

For those interested in playing football, you can stay informed on upcoming dates and deadlines by joining sportsYou. This will allow coaches to communicate with all players before and during the football season.

Middle School Athletic Schedules

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Meet the Teacher Night Announcement

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From Food and Child Nutrition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress authorized spending that allowed schools to serve free meals for all students. Those funds are not authorized to continue for the 2022-2023 school year.

As a result, Normangee ISD must return to charging for school meals and offering free and reduced-price meals based on student eligibility.

Families are encouraged to complete the Application for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals, which is Please complete the form online. You may also use this link to sign up for Lunch Money Now in order to have accounts set up for student lunches.

From the Nurse

If your student is going to be in 7th grade they will need to have up to date immunizations before they can attend school on August 17th. All 7th graders will be due for Tdap and MCV4 immunizations. If your incoming 7th grader has already received these immunizations, please submit to the school nurse in order to update records. If you have any questions please feel free to call or text Erica Sorters, our school nurse, at 979-218-4105.
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