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E-Newsletter for the week:

This week in class we covered the Unit Circle - a huge building block for your students' trigonometric knowledge. This week's edition of the e-newsletter includes pictures of topics we have discussed, an interactive website that your student can use to aid them with homework or practicing their skills, and finally a video that ties their knowledge together in a fun way.

-Steve Maker

Things to know

We went over these in class this week. Make sure that your student knows them! If they are having trouble, please feel free to email me.

Interactive Unit Circle Website

Here's a link to a website where you can show your student an interactive unit circle if they need some more practice. (or if you want to see what they're learning about!)

Unit Circle Song

Here's a funny song to help review the unit circle with your student. I know it isn't a top Billboard #100 hit but it's catchy and helps reinforce ideas that the students need to know. (Plus it's an entertaining video which is always a bonus)
Unit Circle Song

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