Trauma Nurse

By Hannah Broussard

Job Description

A trauma nurse is someone who treats patients in a state of emergency and handles urgent situations where the cause of injury or disease is not yet known. They must learn to quickly stabilize patients about whom they know little about.

Work Conditions

A trauma nurse usually works in an ER with multiple other nurses, doctors and surgeons. Trauma nurses work mainly in a hospital but if they are not they are usually responding to calls outside of the hospital.

How much do they make a year?

They usually make $66,220 a year

Educational Backround

You must have your RN license, graduate from an accredited school of nursing, and have 1 year of trauma and emergency room experience.


Enable to be great in this job you must be fast paced, structured and patient facing.

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook for trauma nurses is projected to grow 16 percent from 2014 to 2024 due to chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Career Ladder

This consist of graduating with your bachelors in nursing then moving on to your 1 internship in the hospital of your choice.


1. You can save lives everyday

2. Always new things to learn

3. You can work with others as a team


1. Always on your toes

2. At times dealing with impatient people

3. Being overwhelmed when caring for multiple people who are utterly ill