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Yes, its true! You're reading SGSU's very first newsletter!

Welcome to the trial run of SGSU's very own newsletter! By sending out a newsletter each month, we hope to keep students informed of we are doing for the SU student population and beyond. This is just one action to keep you informed about what is going on around campus, how you can get involved, and how SGSU can better advocate for you! Please send us your feedback about what you liked/didn't like about this newsletter, and how we could do better on the next one! Send your comments to:

Elections Season comes to an End!

"Though it was a long and arduous process for the candidates, the Spring 2016 Elections have come and gone in a flash! Our Elections Commission released a series of “Candidate Corner” videos that highlighted how the candidates stand on issues such as divestment, the developments in the housing policy, and Seattle’s State of Emergency on Homelessness. These videos were obviously not viral but they allowed the candidates to increase their accessibility toward voters and allowed SGSU to increase our influence over social media.

On behalf of SGSU and the elections commission, we now welcome 11 new members into Student Government for the 2016 – 2017 school year! But who are they? Check the Spectator on Wednesday for the release of the candidates and full interviews illustrating their background and what your new elections plan to do with the coming school year"

-Nick Chock, Director of Elections

What can SGSU do for you?

Our Mission Statement :

As the elected representation of the Seattle University undergraduate student body, the Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU), formed in harmony with the University's mission, is the official voice and advocate for students. SGSU communicates with students regarding their collective and constituent interests, promotes opportunities for student leadership and involvement, assists in the development of a cohesive undergraduate community, and provides the undergraduate community with political and financial support.

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Student Housing Forum

"The Student Housing Forum was hosted by SGSU and RHA to provide students a place to ask questions about next years housing outlook, to ask clarifying questions, and to pose suggestions to the decision makers in Housing and Resident Life. The forum came out of a desire for students to express their concerns, needs for future years, and suggestions moving forward, as less students will be able to live on campus in an ever more expensive housing market"

Braden Wild, Students with Disabilities Representative

Campus Climate Revisited

"We wanted to hold the “Campus Climate: Revisited” event for a couple of reasons. First, we were disappointed with the relatively low number of students who were aware of the original results presentations for the Campus Climate Survey in Fall 2015. Secondly, we wanted to create a space where honest conversation could be had regarding our community and the issues that affect it. The creation of this particular type of conversation, with a major emphasis on listening and understanding each others’ perspectives, was our primary focus for the event. From our observations and from what attendees told us, the event went well. Our plans hereafter are to create more spaces where these types of community conversations can be had and, hopefully, to spread this type of dialogue and awareness of issues to more groups on campus."

-Sam Wolff, Senior Representative

Transfer Student BBQ

Tuesday, May 10th, 11am-2pm

Redhawk Resource Hub (STCN 110)

“Join us in the Redhawk Resource Hub (STCN 110) this Tuesday May 10th from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm as we celebrate the Spring blooming before us with hot dogs, hamburgers, and other delicious snacks! This year will be the 2nd year SGSU and Tau Sigma Honor Society have collaborate to organize and put together the Transfer Backyard BBQ. This event will offer transfer students a space to meet new people, expand their network, and express their needs as transfer students. Last but not least, the event will satisfy the need of recognition, and a sense of community for all transfer students.”

-Jaden Phan (Transfer Representative)

Disabilities Staffing Forum

"The Disabilities Staffing Forum was created to give students with Disabilities a space to advocate for themselves to the administration and to voice what additional staffing would mean for them. It was a very successful event with over 80 in attendance and resulted in part with the hiring of a additional staff member to Disabilities Services as follow up to the event"

-Braden Wild, Students with Disabilities Representative

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