Hades Energy!

By, Emmah Daanen, hour 1

Summer Fun!

In the Summer I rode the Hades 360 roller coaster that has a big drop and a loop. The roller coaster is located at the Mount Olympus theme park at Wisconsin Dells. I went with my family and my friend. My friend and I decided to ride the roller coaster. We went to Wisconsin dells August 21st and 22nd. We left Monday morning at around 7:30am and drove 2 and a half hours to get to Wisconsin dells. Once we got there we checked into our hotel and headed down to the park right away. We decided to take one last mini vacation before school started. So we took a trip to Wisconsin dells. We wanted to ride every roller coaster at Mount Olympus and Hades 360 was the biggest roller coaster there.

Look At Me!

The Science Of It...

A roller coaster is related to science because it uses potential energy. At the beginning of the roller coaster ride the carts have a amount of potential energy already. As the roller coaster moves up the first hill the cart is increasing its potential energy. The potential energy increases every time the roller coaster cart goes up a hill or when it's starts going around around a loop. The potential energy decreases as you go down a hill or down the end of a loop. Roller coasters also relate to science because they use kinetic energy. As you descend down a hill the potential energy you have stored up converts into a different kind of energy. This energy is called kinetic energy. The potential energy the converts into kinetic energy increases whenever a roller coaster goes down a hill or is going down the end of a loop.

I Wonder...

How much of the potential energy converts into kinetic energy?

How much potential energy do the roller coaster carts have in the beginning of the the ride?

Why is there only one big hill through the whole roller coaster ride?

Is there more kinetic energy or potential energy when the roller coaster cart is upside down in the loop?

How much potential energy does the roller coaster cart have at the end of the ride?

Does the amount of energy decrease as the ride is coming to a stop?