And the crazy scientest


On one lovely sunny morning I woke up feeling like something is going to go wrong. And I was right soon after I woke up Kyle, Kassidy, Hugh and Jaymie bustard though the door and I said '' Your going to pay for that and plus you could of just nocked'' and Hugh said '' there's a fierce animal outside'' I said '' like a rabbit or something'' Jaymie said '' actually yes it is a rabbit'' Kassidy said '' it's cute'' Kyle said '' how is it cute it has thangs and a creepy look''.


''Okay'' I said '' Let me have a look'' Hugh said '' Okay but it will give you nightmears for the rest of you live''. So we went outside and there it was Kassidy said '' can we keep him please'' '' NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''Kyle, Hugh, Jaymie and I said together '' Well I am still going to call him Bazinga'' Kassidy said Jaymie said '' BAZINGA I think she got bitten by the rabbit''.


Soon a whole rampage of these creepy rabbits and other creepy animals emerged from the distance it seemed that they were coming for us RRRRRRUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!! I screamed , we ran for hours and Jaymie finally said '' I think we've lost then soon after we reached a temple of sort when we reached the top there was a top secret lair , well it wasn't very top secret I heard a noise and it was Kassidy she bran the rabbit Kassidy said '' don't call him rabbit call him Bazinga '' okay ten well she bran Bazinga DUN DUN DUN!


Look there's a person over there he's the crazy scientist yes I am I made all or the animals I said okay lets stop him 1min later okay w