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St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - Sept 6, 2013

Inspirational Quote

"Teachers are precious people who cause joyful happenings in the hearts of children. "

-Unknown Author

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To see what and how your student is doing at school, be sure to log in to EngradePro each day.

Your student or his/her teachers have communicated to you that we are using EngradePro. Please use the access credentials (username and password) provided by your student's teacher to login at:

EngradePro is the online gradebook and class organization system that has been adopted for use at St. Paul.

EngradePro has the ability to securely report individual student progress and grades for assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. EngradePro is a 21st century tool with added features that many other programs do not, including the security of online data backup and access.

If you have not done so, please access your parent account for this program. For more information see: EngradePro Parent Quickstart Guide

Introducing You to the New Scholastic Parents Website

We’d like to introduce you to the new Scholastic Parents website. Recently relaunched, is chock full of expert information, tools, videos, and resources to help your classroom parent community support the school-home connection.

Some of the new, key features include:

Raise a Reader Guides for Every Age & Stage - The guide to every stage of reading,

including activities and book recommendations
for every age and stage.

What-to-Expect Guides for Every Grade - What to expect at every grade, including curriculum, skills, and more.

Teacher Tips for Parents Videos - Expert tips and strategies for parents to support learning at home

Raise a Reader and Learning Toolkit Blogs - Weekly posts by former teachers full of help, tips, and inspiration for parents raising readers at every age and stage.

Daily Learning Tips - A new tip for every age, every day — language arts, book picks, and more — that help parents support learning at home.

Home Library Builder Quiz - Helping parents build the best home library for their children, including book suggestions.

Learning Personality Quiz - Quick quizzes to help parents understand their children’s learning personalities, including suggested activities and book lists.

As well as a free monthly newsletter featuring free printables, learning resources, and more. Parent Updates Newsletter

News from the Classroom

Fourth Graders Practice Spelling in a Game called “Yell Spell”

What a beautiful week to get outside and explore ways to practice spelling words. Finding different ways to learn spelling words can be fun in the way of exercising too. The fourth graders got a “kick” out of playing this game outside. Students were given a word to spell. As they spell in a “yelling voice,” they do some type of physical activity while spelling a word. Some were as simple as jumping jacks, cartwheels, backbends, and dance moves. Others were more strenuous such as, pushups and even football drills. What a way to make learning fun!!

Class Piano Lab

Have you ever thought of signing your children up for Piano Lessons?

Saint Paul and Anthony Ransom are considering starting a “Piano Music Lab” for children in groups of 8-10 students.

Many parents have inquired about private lessons and we think we just might have found the answer. The students will be in small groups with instruction by Anthony Ransom.

The lessons would be after school and available to parish, school and any student in the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you are interested in learning more about the “Piano Music Lab” or want to see this program get started please complete ask for a signup sheet and return to the Parish or School Office.

Library News

PS and PK and K started learning about author, illustrators, and characters in a story. We read Pete The Cat, Rocking in my School Shoes!

- 1st graders are learning about proper book care and how to select the appropriate book. 1st graders will start checking their own books out this month.

- 2nd graders read Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship. This was a perfect lesson about teamwork skills. We also learned about the main characters, problem, and solution in a story.

- 3rd graders reviewed fiction and informational books and how to find them in the library. We also filled out a venn diagram outlining the differences and similarities in fiction and nonfiction books.

- 4th graders - no classes because of Labor Day.

- 5th graders read a book about the Underground Railroad. The class worked on an assignment called Headlines where they came up with one sentence that summarized the story. The class had a great discussion and gave some great responses. One great headline was One who never gives up, always reaches his goal.

- 6th graders are helping to create a display to help the younger classes understand different genres in our Library. We first did a visually thinking assignment called Chalk Talk. Groups had three minutes to rotate to each genre and write or draw the first things that they thought of about each genre. Groups are finishing up their final mini-posters from the results of Chalk Talk.

- 7th/8th grades are starting to put together ideas for Book Trailers. These assignments will help promote reading and bring excitement to the Library. Students will collaborate using technology to film and create a Book Trailer for books in reading levels K-8 which will be shown to the other grades.

SPD News

-PK/PS started learning about traveling. Words of the week: walk, run, slow, fast, and jump.

- K/1 reviewed the ways to travel. We also learned about formations and groupings.

- 2nd and 3rd - no SPD (Labor Day)

September Themes: Soccer and Treating others with Respect

- 4th and 5th started with our sport of the month. We practiced soccer dribbling and footwork.

- Middle School worked on footwork and placement. We ran dribbling and passing drills.

Technology Classes

The 6th-8th Graders are becoming "fluent" with their EngradePro accounts. They are using lesson plans from their teachers, completing assignments, quizzes and tests, studying with flash cards and participating in online class discussions. They are taking it to like ducks to water!

The younger students continue learning technology basics such as, parts of a computer, the proper way to use a computer (computer rules), and what working online is.

-- Tim Dooley

St. Paul School Technology Coordinator.