Mark Cuban

By David Huynh and Isaac Gil

Mark Cuban

  1. Mark Cuban is a famous entrepreneur that owns the Dallas Mavericks and is a host on shark tank.
  2. He is famous for building his co. CompuServe and selling it for $6,000,000.
  3. CompuServe is a company that sells computer parts and computer service.
  4. In addition, he is know for his brusque comments that usually get him in trouble.
  5. He also taught dance lesson in college for money.

Early Life

  • Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • He had one brother whose name was Brian and his mom(Shirley Cuban) and dad (Norton Cuban).
  • When Cuban was 12, he sold garbage bags door to door for money.
  • Mark went to the University of Indiana and graduated with a Bachelors degree in business.
  • After college, he married Tiffany Stewart in 2003.

Mark Cuban

His net worth was around 3 billion dollars. He made his money by selling his computer company's such as Micro Serve for millions of dollars.
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Mark Cuban

  • Mark Cuban is currently commentating on the 2020 presidential election.
  • Also, he is currently preparing for the NBA season to begin and is counting on the Mavericks to put up a good record.
  • Finally, he is one of the hosts in the TV show "Shark Tank".
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The Mark Cuban Foundation

The Mark Cuban Foundation supports

  1. veterans($5,000,000)
  2. cancer research($75,000)
  3. patent law reform($250,000)
  4. Disaster relief($1,007,500)
  5. Education($50,000)

Interesting Facts

  • He put microphones on the rim so everyone can hear when someone swishes.

  • He was in a AT&T commercial

  • He was a contestant on Dancing with the stars

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