Mid-October Newsletter

Mason Dixon Elementary, 2020

Fall Fest Celebrations

On Thursday October 29th and Friday October 30th we will be celebrating our Fall Fest and will be inviting students to wear their favorite fall colors as we celebrate all things fall. We will not be having a traditional fall costume parade this year because of our Covid restrictions, so please do not send students in costumes...instead encourage them to wear a shirt or outfit that matches their favorite fall colors. On these days, when it is your child's day to attend, teachers will be doing fun learning activities, games and experiments involving fall themes such as apples, leaves and pumpkins. The teacher will host a closed classroom party celebration for the children, the school will provide the snacks and treats which will all be individually wrapped items to insure safety. Parents are asked to NOT send any food or treats, these will be returned home with your child if they come in. We understand that as parent you may be a little sad or disappointed that you can't share in this activity with your child this year, but we will do our best to make it a fun day for them.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Due to the coronavirus, many households have suffered a loss of income or some other financial hardship. Monongalia County Schools are able to provide all students with free meals through December 2020. This helps our schools expand nutritious meals to your household at no charge to you.

Other federal relief benefits, however, might become available and could be related to the free/reduced-price school meal status of your child.

We invite you to complete a standard application for school meal benefits if you have not already done so for this school year, and if you believe your child may now qualify for free or reduced price meals if this were a regular school year.

This is out of anticipation of other federal relief benefits that might become available in the future that could be related to the free or reduced-price meal status of each student.

Completing this application will not impact or change your child’s ability to access free school meals through December.

To complete a school meals benefit application, please visit www.schoolcafe.com or contact our county child nutrition office at 304-291-9210 ext.1539

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End of Day Dismissal

Thank you for your patience as we fine tune our dismissal and pick up procedures. Please remember the following...

  • All pickups at the end of the day must be through the car rider line, due to Covid restrictions parents are not to come to the front door area during dismissal, please wait in the car rider line
  • Pre-K and K families are being loaded first...they are the only students in the gym from 3:25 to 3:35, please let their parents with pink cards come to top of the hill first.
  • 1st to 5th families are to wait along the track until directed to move up the hill, if you arrive at the gym while we are loading Pre-K and K students you will be asked to go back down the hill and get in line again. We are social distancing students in the gym and your children are not being dismissed to the gym until the Pre-K and K students and their siblings are loaded.
  • Please be patient with our bus drivers, with fewer students on buses their drop off times can vary greatly, please be at the stop early and remember that all children through grade 3 must have someone to supervise them as they get off the bus.
  • If you bring your child late or must pick them up during the day for an appointment, if you have a cell phone, please call into the school and someone will bring them to the car or come out and get them. Please do the same if you need to drop off items for the student.