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LEISD Grades 6-12: Summer 2016 Update

LEISD GT Professional Learning FAQ's

Wondering if you need GT Hours? Check out this document!!

New Update Opportunity: GT Extension

Beginning in June LEISD is partnering with Region 10 to pilot an e-course that will allow you to extend the learning in content/strategy based professional learning and apply your new skills to tangible, classroom ready resources/activities/lesson-plans for GT Students.

This differentiated, competency based course will be available in 3hour and 6hour blocks, allowing for choice in the way you get your required hours.

Information will be available ASAP! Be on the lookout for the link and details!

Region 10: GT Update Hours

When registering with Region 10, make sure you are using your LEISD email, have the correct district selected, and are using the codes contained in this flyer.

College Board AP/PAP Summer Institute

If you are attending an AP Summer Institute this summer, please use the form below to ensure that you collect the proper documentation for submission in the fall.

TEA AP Training Reimbursement Form

PAP/AP Summer Assignments

Summer assignments are designed to be meaningful building blocks or prerequisite skills needed for success in your class. Summer Assignments are not intended to be gate-keepers, but rather scaffolds for student success in academically rigorous courses.

Summer Assignments for Pre-AP English Language Arts will be provided for students prior to the course selection date. Teachers will be available for feedback and guidance throughout the Spring Semester.

All summer assignments are due the first week of school 2017, and will comprise at least 2 grades of the first 9 weeks average.

  • Week One: Formative Grade-Project completed and ready for teacher feedback.
  • Week Three: Summative Grade-Revised project due as major grade.

There will be NO CHANGES to the assignments that were submitted this spring and are published to the website. If you the courses you teach are changing, you will be responsible for following through with the submitted and approved assignment. Opportunities for edits will be available Fall 2016.

Summer Assignment Folder

Navigation From LEISD Homepage: Support Services-Adavanced Academics-AP/PAP-Summer Assignments.

GT Enrichment in Secondary Grades

Secondary students identified as GT Learners are served through PAP/AP Courses in Middle and High School. Although we do not have a "pull-out" program for GT learners at your grade level, the state does provide an amazing project-based extension resource to help you support and extend the learning for these students. You can incorporate the TPSP projects with all your students, use them as extensions for PAP/AP classes, or create specific enrichment groups for GT Learners.

Texas Performance Standards Project

Special Thank You: Randal Ball

I would like to say a special "Thank You" to Randall Ball for organizing a streamlined and successful AP Testing Season! This has been a phenomenal year of growth for our AP programs, and in no small part to the effort of Mr. Ball!