Coniferous Forest

By: Carson Moody Period: 7th

Abiotic Factors




What its like in the coniferous forest

The coniferous forest is cold reaching up to -40 to 20 degrees celcious in the winter and 10 degrees celcious in the summer. It's covered in pine trees which are home to many animals such as the western tanager. This biome receives up to 900 mm of rainfall some parts even receiving 2000mm! Winters are long and harsh and it's cold year round. This biome is in my opinion the prettiest biome of them all.

Biotic Factors

Cool Fact : Coniferous means cone bearing or coming from the cone

How do humans help and harm this biome

Harm: humans harm this ecosystem by logging which can effect the animals and their shelter and can even cause climate change.

Help: humans can help by stopping logging and pick up litter.

Food Web