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New Summer Store Hours

Monday and Tuesday Closed!

Wednesday- Friday 11am- 5:00pm

Saturday - 11am - 7pm

Sunday 12-4:30pm

Intro to Chinese Face Reading W/ Linda Forbes

Sunday, May 29th, 11am-5pm

5521 Saginaw Road

Flint, MI

More information

Come join us for a day

of enlightenment you

will not soon forget!

Chinese Face Reading

is a form of Chinese Medicine that has been around for centuries. Today, we have wonderful

Face Readers like Lillian Pearl Bridges who have re-translated and modernized this study.

In the Intro to Chinese Face Reading, you will learn:

About the Five Chinese Elements

How they apply to our facial features

How to spot key personality types

What those people need to thrive in their career and relationships

Ways to boost your communication skills with each

How to read the “Hundred Year Map” of a person’s life

How to do some predictive work with different areas of the map


Will learn about how to pinpoint the physical connections to the facial features

This works well for Acupressure and Facial Massage!

Readers :

Will learn how to connect with their clients on a deeper level, more quickly

This class can benefit anyone no matter their line of work! Bring pictures of your loved

ones, friends, and ancestors and we will analyze them together!

Workshop fee: $85.00

The class comes with numerous handouts so please RSVP ASAP

More Info:

Lynda Forbes has over 34 years of experience as a professional Astrologer and teacher of metaphysical

studies. She also specializes in Chinese Face Reading, an ancient system of analysis and predictive

techniques, and Tarot Readings. Lynda trains people in all three subjects along with Runes, Psychic


Development, Native American Medicine Wheel and leads Guided Meditation at her office at Life Guide Center

in Fenton, MI. She also travels to teach and does both private and phone sessions

The Goddess Yoni Egg Meetup

May 15th ,1:00 pm. Love Offerings

This is a Goddess Yoni Egg Meetup, A Follow Up Meetup after the First Yoni Egg Workshop....Share your experiences with using the Yoni Egg and This is also a Great Meetup to ask As Many question that you have .

Outdoors Event: Walking Meditation

May 21st 12:00pm ...Dress accordingly to the weather

Held at :

For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum Trails

Burton MI

Take a Walk with the Owner of Seers N Sayers ,She will show you one of her Power Points in Nature that she Goes to for Guided Meditation and where she connects with Spirit often. Walking Meditation is Done Quietly , this is a great way to listen to the Nature Spirits and Find Clarity .

Walking Meditation.

Sign Up ,Call 248-820-3363