Cordelia Hills Staff Update

Believe, 2/8/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: Great job this week with Global Play Day! It is amazing to see the level of engagement and excitement on the day. Thank you for allowing it to happen in your classrooms. Thank you to the grade levels that dove into student data at collab and already started planning areas of tier one instruction that needed additional targeting over the next few weeks. Lastly, thanks to everyone else for hitting the ground running with MAP. Data sets are now available on the nwea site.

Grows: To what extent are you practicing mindfulness on a daily basis with your students?


Congratulations to Patricia Sailing who has accepted a para-educator position at Anna Kyle FA. Best of luck.

Also, congrats to Louisa Kwan who is moving to child nutrition from noon duty. We are happy you are remaining with us!


Please remember we want to see mindfulness practiced everyday and not just the single 20 minute visit that Mr. Matthew makes to the classroom. Your work in this area is imperative to the overall social-emotional health of our students and our campus. I am more than happy to help you with Inner Explorer or to even lead a mindfulness practice in your classroom. Just let me know. Currently, we have approximately 18/29 staff members who are practicing at least 2-3 times/week and 6 who are practicing on a daily basis.

Also, please avoid using the mind-up lesson time as a time to prep. We need you engaged in the lessons. Your attention to this is BEYOND appreciated.

Past Links on mindfulness/trauma/brain science:

Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks

Stop, Breathe, and Think Video

Link on mindfulness and kindness , kid friendly hip hop music with a mindful message., kid friendly art and mindful activities.

MAP Testing Underway

MAP testing continues next week. Some reports that I personally find useful include:

1. Student profile report

2. Achievement Status and Growth Report

3. Class Report

Check them out!

A few important notes from assessment operations:

· Students will have ONE opportunity to test in Reading and mathematics. They will no longer be able to retest. This will help keep testing to a minimum. It is critical that you proctor and monitor the students closely so that you can be sure students gave their best effort so that accurate data is measured on where students are in their learning. In addition, the system will prompt the proctor letting them know if a student is "rapid guessing".

· Equity for All - Accessibility & Accommodations - Removing Barriers - Be sure to look at the available supports. Here is the link to see what is available in MAP

· To turn on Text-To-Speech - Simply turn the Chromebook on and click on "Ctrl Alt Z and this will turn on the ChromeVox spoken feedback feature. Then open the MAP APP and the screen content will be read aloud. Students will need earbuds.

Here are the test names for each assessment by grade level.

PLEASE BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT NAME FOR YOUR GRADE LEVEL WHEN SETTING UP YOUR TEST SESSIONS. This will ensure that students do not have the ability to select the incorrect test.

Grades 1 & 2

Growth: Reading K-2 CA 2010

Growth: Math K-2 CA 2010

** Reminder **

Grade 2 take these tests and not the Growth 2-5 tests ***

Grades 3-5

Growth: Reading 2-5 CA 2010 V2

Growth: Math 2-5 CA 2010

Grades 6+

Growth: Reading 6+ CA 2010 V2

Growth: Math 6+ CA 2010

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide on how to administer MAP for teachers, student directions, and what to do when a student bumps off the network, etc.

The Help Desk staff is currently operating with two vacant positions so please be patient for a response from them and refer to the step-by-step guide as much as possible before calling 399-5100.

Upcoming Dates/Events

2/8: PRs go live in the afternoon, Student of the Month lunch, fire drill @ 9:50

2/11 and 2/18 : No School

2/12 and 2/13: Emergency Preparedness for Grades 3-5 (both days)

2/13: PTA meeting

2/22: Open Upon A Time (Daughters Dance)

2/26: Leadership Meeting

Spring Social Skills Groups

Thank you to the new names received for social skills groups. I still am taking recommendations and would like to fill the groups up. Let me know if you have someone you believe could benefit from the assistance.

ELPAC Coming up

The ELPAC Summative window is opening February 12th and we need your help! Please check keep an eye out for information from Jennifer Baker. Thank you to the staff who has agreed to help administer. We needed help and you stepped up. =)

Brick Space

Brick Space will be returning this spring. We are scheduled for the first week in April. More information on a schedule will come later.


I will continue to leave this link as a resource for you to check out to get that overall view of our school. We were green in all areas and blue in suspension. Let me know if you have any questions.